Like his family, Marcus would be no where without his friends. In order for Marcus to remember as many as possible he had to categorize them. He has School friends, Tinseltown friends, Family friends, and just an uncategorizable group of other friends. Marcus would like to thank and dedicate any and all success to this hopefully growing list of people:


Matt Hamann, Jeremy Baker, Jessica Baker, Mike Massaro, Chris Flores, Matt Fujishiro, Travis Wolther, Chris Cawlfield, Vinnie Benfatti, Elizabeth Ball, Tony Arellano, Ryan Hinzman, Alex Gilbert, Cris Grisham, Ben Bandy, Keith Leach, Jerod Robles, Amanda Arrieta, Mike Post, Brent Chenoweth, Lindsey Sanchez, Chris Atencio, Alan Trujillo, Jared Pacheco, Josh Martin, Nick Bachrach, Cassie Saenz,


Lisa, Amber, Adwana, Mike S., Riley, Julie, Jessica, Ashley, Cassie, Dennison, Zach Z., Jed,


Elena, Joe, Noah, and Mirissa