Marcus Casarez was born in the Souther Colorado city of Pueblo. Marcus is the youngest of the Casarez siblings. Marcus grew up all along the I-25 corridor from Pueblo to Denver, with the majority of his time spent in Pueblo. Marcus received his education in Pueblo as well from Belmont Elementary school to the Colorado State University of Pueblo where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Education. In his down time, Marcus enjoys reading and writing as well as the occasional video game and movie. Marcus doesn't just like to be a couch potato though, as he frequently enjoys spending his time outdoors with all the wonderful scenery Colorado has to offer. Marcus's highest aspirations include becoming a wonderful, caring teacher and a published writer in the near future.

Marcus is normally very shy and very quiet. He usually does not volunteer information about himself unless asked or prompted. This personality has frequently lead people to call him "the quiet one". Those that do befriend him learn how subtly funny and insightful he can be, while other times he may come off as kinda crazy. Those select few that have witnessed Marcus cut loose can attest to his easy going nature while also observing his controlled insanity.